Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dentists trip

So, it was horrible. Plain and simple. I went in for a "simple cavity filling" Yeah right. Apparently it was pretty deep, like super close to the nerve. So he started out with the two shots....great I hate needles......I was a big girl and didnt even have hubs hold my hand.....Well shortly after the two shots were done, he started drilling...sure enough I could feel he gave me another one...waited a minute....started drilling again....drilling and drilling and then BAM I winced, he asked me if I could feel it still(in a very surprised tone) I said yes...he didnt believe me but gave me another shot....He was like "ya know sometimes people are so nervous they think they feel it but they dont".....and went back to drilling, not even a minute later I could STILL feel it, he pulled back and was just like seriously you can feel that? I started to cry and shake...I knew my body was being stubborn but 5 shots really? Why me...even though I couldnt feel the last shot, I was so angry that I needed THAT many to not feel it....I just sat there and then I got scared because it felt like my brain wasnt connecting with my mouth and I couldnt talk. I couldnt figure out what he was saying or what I was was insanely frustrating. Almost like I could hear them but not talk back....WEIRD!!!! Anyways after the 5th shot he went back at it and I just ignored the noise and all that as best as I could. I was shaking pretty badly but nothing I did was helping me calm down. I even tried to think about my happy place: Maui. Nope, didnt work. An hour later he was finished and now Im home. My face feels like its 4x its size and Im debating on a nap...I told hubs that when it comes time for my wisdom teeth to be removed I WANNA BE KNOCKED OUT(which is huge considering Im deathly afraid of being put under) anyways....thats my mini rant about the dentists office....
ETA: It took 7 hours for my face to not be numb anymore LOL

on a side note my left ovary was KILLING me earlier....COME ON EGGIES GROW!!!

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  1. Hey Ashley, Just wanted to check up on you see how things are going. Did you O while being on the meds this cycle? How are you holding up?
    Hope to hear an update soon!



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