Friday, July 16, 2010

Ultrasound & Glucose test update

Well got both those tests done today, the ultrasound definitely was interesting...the blood draws = NOT FUN. I know it will all be worth it in the end! I should be done with blood tests for awhile! (I hope so)
Well I wont complain too much about my blood draws(even though they hurt like hell). BUT my ultrasound revealed that my uterus is sitting wayy off to the left, to the point where my left ovary is looked like a long, skinny oval rather than a was interesting to say the least. She said I had cysts, but it wasnt the typical "ring of pearls" that goes with pcos...hmmm...interesting she said. She said the doctors will end up "having a lot of fun", and "they like a challenge" when referring to me.....of course I'll be one of the unusual cases for them LOL


  1. Hey Ashley, How are things going with you this week? It sounds like the tests are still a little overwhelming but at least your doing it with a smile on your face. I just thought i would check up on you this week seeing as you havent posted in a few days.

    Also i get a daily infertilty devotional emailed to me every day called Sarah's Laughter do you read this as well? If not i can give you the contact info to get on the mailing list if you wish.

  2. Hey Sam, No I haven't heard of that but would love it!
    Its been a hard week, Ill update here shortly about why.


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