Friday, July 30, 2010

So many feelings right now.....

Ok yesterday was my follow up doctors appointment. Im totally and completely NOT impressed by this place. First last week they lost my chart, and after they found took three days for me to get to talk to SOMEBODY about my glucose test results. The lady I talked to said everything was in and I should make an appointment to see my doctor, so I did. The FIRST thing my doctor says is "Why are you here?" I was just kinda taken aback. I just said the nurse said my stuff was in and since we are forgoing the surgery for now to come in and we would do a follow up appointment to discuss doctor looked at me like I was crazy. She was like well, I see your waiting for your call to schedule your surgery....and I had to say "no, we cant do it right now and this is why". She tried convincing me to do it, and Im like no we cant, not til next year sometime at the very least...SO THEN she goes through and tells me well if you have endo, clomid wont work and so we should just wait to any fertility treatments til you have it. I was about ready to cry. I dont want to wait a year to start trying again. It broke my heart. I was insistent and said I would like to do treatment now and just pray I dont have anything that could interfere with it like endo. Then she said what they were going to do was give me a progesterone shot, and then I was supposed to come back on cd 5 to get an ultrasound because my cysts were a little on the bigger side. And then IF my cysts shrink we will do clomid...but honestly her tone and body gestures were not very promising. I think if I get ANY treatment there it will be because I throw a fit....its ridiculous. NOT TO MENTION that not all of my blood results were yesterday was a COMPLETE waste. They could have just told me that my testosterone, progesterone, estrogen, and thyroid were really low. Oh and that hubby's was a tiny bit less than perfect. So THEN after all that I was about ready to cry because she wanted to draw more blood and give me a shot in my butt of progesterone. I have never had bad blood draws til this place. It was HORRIBLE. The lady did my right arm, didnt get anything so went to my left, now it looks like there is a massive hole in my left arm and then she did the progesterone shot in the butt...My butt hurts and I seriously broke down after she said she didnt get any out of the first arm. I just broke.

So needless to say, my appointment SUCKED. I actually called and left a message for my old doc to see what they think about my blood tests and see if they can treat me for pcos like this doc will, cuz then it will be covered by my health insurance...and I liked my old doctor better in this area. She always explained everything, my new doc looks at me like Im stupid if I ask any questions...


  1. The doctor is right that they can't use Clomid if you have Endo. The Clomid speeds up the progression of Endo, and can make you very sick very quickly. You must have it looked into before it is safe to take the Clomid. I'm sure you didn't want to hear that, but Endo affects all organs, not just around your uterus. It's crappy that the insurance won't cover the surgery, but as I have learned, many of the insurance policies are very lean when it comes to anything that could be fertility related. I hope things look up for you soon.

  2. Sometimes fertility doctors are alittle ageist. It's stupid and wrong, but it happens quite often. The first couple of doctors I went to looked at me like I was a crazy, stupid kid when I asked for help. Even though I was 22/23 and married. They seem to think you have plenty of time. :(
    You should check out my doctor. I'll tell you more about him when we meet up later, if you want.
    I'm sorry it didn't go like you had hoped.
    I'm here for you.

  3. Ohh hun this really SUCKS! Seriously whats up with crappy doctors??!? I totally know what you mean about having to throw a fit for them to listen. I have to be extremely forceful with my doc sometimes when he insists on just going ahead with IUI without even looking into anything else. I finally got him last cycle to run a few more tests to make sure everything was okay with the lady parts and now that DH and i know for sure that everything that COULD have been a problem is ruled out we are ready to move on to the next course of action. I say try to get back with your other doc things seemed a lot better and hey if the insurance is better with the other doc as well then plus plus! keep your head up i know its tough life just knocks you down sometimes. I got AF today so you can just imagine what type of spirits im in :P


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