Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My little update

So, yeah. Im back from my appointment. I thought I would feel better after, but in all honesty, I dont. Im more scared. This was went down.
She thinks I have Pcos and Endo. She thinks the Endo is what possibly caused my miscarriages. If not the endo, the low progesterone. So in the next month or two, I will have a Lap & Hsg(done while Im put under at the same time). After that, back on Clomid and any other meds they see fit. If I dont respond to the Clomid they will want to do ovary wedge resection, which honestly FREAKS ME OUT. Im so so so scared of surgery, so Im feeling very overwhelmed. Its nice to know all this isnt in my head lol, but yeah...they are the experts......Its much more real now...


  1. Hi Ashley thanks for the update. I'm so sorry everything seems to be so negative. I hope that the tests the doctor is running will help you get answer real soon. I had an HSG done in february i cant tell you how much of a relief it was to see a normal picture on that screen...

    I can totally understand you being freaked out it seems they kinda threw everything out there on the table but on the positive it does sounds like your doctor really wants to get to the bottom of this. I hope you get answers real soon.

    P.S. What is an ovary wedge resection?

  2. Sam, thanks for the encouraging words, I know all this is for the best and am thankful for a doc that will take all this seriously. A ovary wedge resection is where they go in and cut a wedge out of your ovary and then sew it back together and apparently its supposed to help how your ovaries respond to clomid and about 90% of women will have a normal period after.


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