Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Little bit of good news...

So I finally got ahold of a nurse and she said they had lost my chart....lol
So whats the good news you might ask? I told her what we would be expected to pay and how we couldn't afford that and is there any way we could get around not having the surgery right now. She said yes there is most certainly a way. So, she is going to (once they find my chart) add a note to have someone call me this next week to schedule my followup appointment and then we will start treatment, treating what they have found so far. SOoo it looks like in the next month WE WILL BE BACK IN THIS!! Im just praying nothing else gets in our way, this emotional roller coaster is almost too much to handle....

1 comment:

  1. Ashley,
    I'm SOOO happy you finally got soem good news! Of course there are still worried but after everything thats been thrown your way in the last few weeks thank goodness for something positive!


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