Thursday, July 22, 2010

Glucose test results!

Okey dokey, well I FINALLY got ahold of my doctors nurse after calling several times over three days(*sigh*) She said all my test results are in, but all I was really wondering about was the glucose test, and so she told me that I am insulin resistant. I have an appointment scheduled for this coming Thursday- July 29th. At the appointment we are going to go through all my test results and the best treatment plan since we dont know if I have endo. So hopefully after next week we will be back on treatments!! YAY! Im so relieved to know that ONE thing has been found out! Even though insulin resistance sucks, this is good! Its better to know and treat then NOT to know!! We did the S/A today, and boy that was an ordeal..wont go into details, but by far that was the most stressed and pressured I have felt all week LOL...(and I wasnt even the one that had to "deliver")

1 comment:

  1. LOL i totally know what you mean DH and I are hoping to do IUI in the next month and we are going to have to go through a similair ordeal when the time comes!


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