Thursday, July 15, 2010

Feeling a little down

So I have to admit, every time I get on facebook I feel somewhat MORE sad about not being a mommy, like with most of my friends they are moms....and well, Im not. I feel so out of place sometimes. They have their play dates, mops, etc... I never see any of them anymore. Just kinda makes me feel somewhat sad...


  1. Like its a "special" club and a bouncer is standing at the door and saying "Okay you can come in and okay yeah... you" and then you walk up and they say "Sorry nope your not good enough NEXT!"
    I'm sorry your feeling especially sad today i'm with ya i try really really hard to avoid FB as much as possible. My sad feeling comes when i go into a store and see the preggo people or the new moms i'm always asking myself "When is it going to be my turn?"

  2. I post as mrsjenniferlambert on the tww community. I have been reading your blog and I thought I would go ahead and make a comment.

    I feel your pain. So much. I just started crying right now as another person I know announced they are having a girl. It kills me. It takes my breath away. I feel like I fell 15 stories. I am so happy for them. SO happy. But I want it to be my turn. I want to announce that news for us.

    This hurts so much. I feel your pain so much. I really really really do.

  3. Jennifer, thanks so much for commenting! OMG my friend told me that she is having a girl today....Again SO HAPPY for her, but it just stung so bad...I completely and 100% relate to your exact post.

    Oh and can I just vent for one more minute?! Someone told me we should just breed my dog so that we can have puppies all the time and that would solve our problems for us....REALLY?! :(

  4. Argghhh really?!?! Why are people soo stupid?

  5. Uhhhh, yeah, not the same! If stuff like that replaced these emotions...there wouldn't be an issue!
    Some people can be insensitive. I am not sure if they do it on purpose or for other reasons.


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