Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We're Back!

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. We were moving back to Lincoln and getting things settled. Its been a busy few days for sure. I have been trying not to stress, getting your medical records are apparently not as easy as walking in and just asking for them. Who knew? So I have my medical records from two of the four places I need them from before I can send them to the nutritionist. ARGH, I hate waiting...lol. I am so ready to get started, the sooner I get started the sooner I can feel productive in not only trying for a baby, but getting healthy, and losing weight. I am on the job hunt, if you could see me right now I would be sighing. I hate job hunting, but after reviewing our month of mail I have determined we are in slightly more debt than suspected. We will be ok, but I just would feel better contributing to getting out of debt. I feel bad for spending the money we are going to be spending on the nutritionist but Miles insists that it will be worth it and in the end we wont regret this choice. I am going to trust him on this, I am scared out of my mind that this wont work...even though I have personally seen the results. I am a worry wort by nature. I decided to cancel my fertility appointment for Mid July. I am giving the diet change a chance first. Again, Im scared out of my mind. I feel like Im putting all of my hopes and dreams into this nutritionists plan...Im trusting him to get me skinny, healthy, and pregnant. I know it will fix alot of my health problems, the IBS, my allergies, my weight.....Im just praying to God it helps my body work in the area of reproducing...Dear Lord PLEASE LET THIS HELP!!!

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