Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Well its been almost a week since I have last posted, sorry for that. Its been a busy week, the in-laws showed up unannounced and then I had alot to do around the house and job interviews. I dont really have much to say. Im trying really hard to not think about trying to conceive, or about kids, or anything like that. I am feeling somewhat nervous though because I feel like I always feel like Im walking around on eggshells with the fear that another person in our family will announce a pregnancy. I know that I know that God has it in His hands, and that HE knows best...but I just really wish I knew what was going to happen.
I think Im going to aim to organize my bedroom today, work out, and maybe even vacuum. :)
Last night we went and watched Grown Ups. It was pretty much HILARIOUS. I can only hope that one day we will have a family and be able to go rent a lake house like that with kids running around, friends and their kids, ahh its like the perfect vacation haha...One day...one day!
I talked to my doctor how much fertility treatments would be on our next round, and now I know that we wont be able to afford it for a LONG TIME. Our next cycle would be around $1100. That includes three blood tests and three to four ultrasounds and the medication. *sigh* If that didnt work, we would have to move to injections and maybe even IUI. So that ups it alot more, and by a alot Im talking like possibly another grand or two on TOP of the cost of the monitoring and not to mention I believe she said an IUI is like $550. So yeah, I pray it doesnt come to the fertility treatments but if it does, its going to be a long time before we can do them.
I am praying I get a job here soon so that I can start chipping away on our debt. We dont have "alot" but its a significant amount for US. Miles has been really busy at work, Its hard going from seeing him ALL the time to only seeing him nights and weekends. I have Honu and she does good keeping me company. She is the funniest dog alive. Seriously, dont try to argue with me because if you could be here and see her, you would agree. Everyone does.
Welp, til next time....

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