Friday, June 18, 2010

warning negative post ahead....

Ok so I am trying so hard to be patient, persistent, and willing. But tonight, I am just a ball of tears. I seriously am so angry. I am SO SICK of this stupid diet. I feel like I can not enjoy summer at all. Walks on a hot summer day are normally treated with ice cream, mine is punished with bran. I cant go ANYWHERE without being bombarded by food. Good food at that. Im flat out miserable. I know I have lost 6lbs this week but I STILL cant seem to find anything related to this diet change to feel grateful for. I feel so sick, Im insanely dizzy CONSTANTLY, the food more than sucks, I cant go anywhere or do anything. I am really starting to regret my decision to try and lose weight. OH and while Im on this negative nellie train, let me add I HATE not being pregnant or not having a baby. If I hadnt of miscarried, I would freaking be about 12.5 weeks along today. I know it will come when its supposed to, but today I am just so FREAKING FED UP. I have NO idea why God wont give us a baby, but its just torture. I took a $tree test today and of course there was another freaking pink evap line to mess with my head. Lord knows Im not pregnant. I just took it cuz I have YET to have my period. I just wish SOMETHING would go my way. I feel like I have to fight for EVERYTHING. Not saying they arent worth fighting for, but really how many people choose this way to lose weight? I know its ok, Im not in any "danger"(I hope) but still, this is INSANE. I just feel completely hopeless and down about all of this. I need some prayers.


  1. I'm so sorry you are down. I hope you are feeling better today. I understand how difficult it must be going through this radical change in your diet. I do not really know what type of diet it is that you are doing, but I hope that it is a healthy one for you. I am concerned that you mentioned you are having a problem with dizziness. Have you talked to your doctor to make sure that this diet is safe for you? I will be praying for you, especially this evening before I go to bed.
    Your friend,

  2. Thank you hun, I really appreciate the prayers. They mean ALOT. And I need them really badly right now. He is adding fruit to my menu so that the low blood sugar will be addressed. Hopefully this week will be easier than the last.


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