Sunday, June 13, 2010

A very precious girl

So today, I have had a wide array of emotions. Happiness, excitement, peace, fear, well you get the picture. Right now, my emotion is sadness. Im thinking of my friends Thomas and Savana. One week from today, they would be celebrating their wedding day. In February, Savana had a seizure at the wheel and was in a head-on collision with another car on her way to school. I will never forget driving home (to Nebraska) from Oklahoma and getting that phone call. It really makes you think about whats important to you. Always take time to treasure the small moments, day to day life. You never know when things can change. You dont know how long you have to live, everyone assumes they will die of old age...but well you just never know. I just wanna say, be prepared...know where you are going to go...I know Im gonna go to heaven. Are you? Thomas and Savana are the people who introduced me and my husband Miles. Without them....well I just wont go there lol. Miles always said he prayed for God to bring him "his savana". The reason being, Thomas loves Savana more than I have ever seen a man love a woman. I told Thomas that the night of her accident when she was in surgery. We cried. Me, Thomas, and Miles. I know God is doing an amazing work through her and I can NOT WAIT for the testimony that this very precious girl will give one day. We love you Savana!!!

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