Thursday, June 10, 2010

Today was a big day!

Well today I sent in my stuff to the nutritionist. Im so excited to get started. It will be life changing for sure!!
I also registered for classes and am now a fulltime student! I am starting in July and cant wait!! Now if I could just get a job...HMMMM lol AND a baby...hehehe but in the mean time this should keep me busy enough to be able to not focus so much on the what ifs and the desires that I am so struggling with. My friend made this, I love it :)
I emailed my church about starting an infertility support group. I sure hope it goes through, it would be nice to meet with others in a biblical based type support through this struggle. I KNOW there have to be others...I am starting to feel really proactive with my life. I will probably be doing pictures every few days to show you the difference with my weight loss. Im stoked! I am thinking of signing up for the Y. I Really wanna tone up while Im losing, because I know I will lose it quickly.
We discovered today that my dog is terrified of the camera. She literally starts shaking and freaks out. Its really odd.
It JUST started too...hmmmm
WELL thats all I got right now, I reinjured my neck today and I am in alot of pain, so Im going to go to bed now! LOL nighty night yall!

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