Friday, June 11, 2010

Today is an awesome day!

Ok so he asked a million questions LOL and at the end of it all he said that he can fix almost all of it haha. HE said that it sounds like I have ALOT of toxins in my body and between that and my weight thats why Im so sick. He said that as far as the fertility goes he doesnt know that he can fix it. It *could* be fixed BUT he cant guarantee it. HE thinks its a hormonal imbalance. He said that the pains between my shoulder blades isnt related to my back, its my kidney. WOAH. I was shocked. I have a bad kidney and so that KINDA scares me...but yeah. He said that he is going to change my life. I cant believe that in one month or so I will be back to a size 6!! The first two days are about changing the way my body responds to food. Then the next three are about pain relief or something. He said that my body has been storing all the sugar as fat and thats why I have gotten so big. He doesnt think its a thyroid problem. So this will retrain how my body responds to the food. And so I will probably have headaches at first and feel really tired. But then once my body realizes its not getting any more sugar its going to start using my fat for energy! YAYAYAYAY! LOL. I seriously CANT WAIT!!!
OH and I got an email from my church about the infertility support group. My pastor LOVES the idea. I have to come up with a curriculum for the fall semester for them to look at! :D I actually feel like my life has meaning!! YAY! Things are going great. We have lows and highs...and right now feels like a high. God is always faithful. He leads us in the ways we should go. I am so glad I let God lead me in my life :D Its great.

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