Friday, June 18, 2010

This will be worth it!

So I didnt update yesterday because I felt so sick yesterday. I woke up with a migraine, was so dizzy that I could barely walk, and puked up my breakfast. Needless to say, it started off rough. I was really busy yesterday, I got a new coffee table, got a mani/pedi, had a job interview, and connect group. It was a busy day for sure.

Last night I talked more to the head of our church small groups about the infertility group and today Im working on the first week discussion questions. I think this is going to be awesome. Its going to be a book study type thing on the book "Hannah's Hope". I cant wait. It starts the week of October 3rd I believe. Three weeks out of the month will be just the ladies, and then Im going to do a couples night once a month. I just felt that it will probably be best as ttc is a very personal thing and there are body parts, procedures, etc that we go through and I dont want anyone to feel awkward because someone else's husband is there. So the couples nights will be more based on how does this effect your marriage, and that sort of thing. I had my job interview and he said to be expecting a call about a second interview. I went to bed with a huge migraine. So physically yesterday sucked, but everything else was pretty much awesome.

I am so excited, I have lost 6lbs since Monday. The past two days I lost 2lbs each! I was shocked!! Now I have about 47lbs to go!! I am just gonna keep on trucking!! Yesterday my nutritionist said that he thinks I have a blood sugar problem, so he is letting me have mint tea! :D He also said the mint tea will help regulate me with my non-existent monthly cycle. I just am so excited to see what happens. This week the pollen levels here in town have been BAD, but I am happy to say that I have only used my meds one time this week and it was one does of eye drops because someone was mowing right next door. With how fast Im dropping the weight, Im thinking I am gonna have a limited wardrobe til I get to my target weight because I am refusing to buy ANYTHING til Im to my goal weight. That is going to be my "ultimate" reward, NEW CLOTHES !!!

Today I am going to be working the house, we might go down to south point tonight for the live music. Not sure yet. I really wanna go to the college world series, but we didnt get tickets(darn) Thats ok! I probably wont have the energy to go out and sit in the sun! Hope everyone has an awesome Friday!!

Oh and this is my awesome coffee table that I got for $15!!!

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