Saturday, June 5, 2010

A sigh of relief

So, yesterday I let you all in my little panic attack. Im still feeling a nervous about the fact that the RE costs so much, but I talked to a friend and they said that most of it is covered for them if you are going for a medical reason other than fertility. I know there is a reason, we just havent found it yet. Im still trying to have faith that the nutritionist will help me get pregnant.

So Im making the plan for this week, I am going to have a VERY busy week!! Today (Sat) we have our(his) cousins wedding, Miles and Reed are very close so Im very excited for him and MK!! MK is pretty much awesome and will be a good wife for Reed! It should be a good time. We are making the five hour trip back home either tomorrow or Monday, not sure yet. I hope its tomorrow because I have lots I wanna do on monday!!! I have to go to my four different doctors and get my medical records from them to send to the nutritionist. I need to go see my chiropractor(YAY!!) I also need to go take a math placement test for the community college Im attending! All of this HAS to be done on Monday lol!
The sooner I get my medical records in the sooner Ill be able to start my diet change. I for one, cannot wait!! I am very excited and eager to get started!! It will be incredibly difficult but OH SO WORTH IT!! Its going to be intense. But every bite I take, every time I wanna complain about not getting potatoes, or bread, or soda, etc Im going to think about my baby, and thank God I have the chance to get healthy for them. I will get my baby, I know it...I am going to try really hard to stay busy in the mean time. We joined a small group in our church with young married couples, Im very excited to get to know them! Im thinking with getting a part time job, the small group, the diet change, working out, and then school, Ill be able to pass the time and stay sane during this wait.

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