Friday, June 4, 2010

panic attack

I am sitting here, in tears, wondering how we will be able to afford all the things that I am seemingly needing to get pregnant. We will be paying about $700 on this nutritionist and if that doesnt work...I scheduled an appointment with an RE for July 13th. Its gonna cost $375 out of pocket JUST for the appointment. Not including any tests, or procedures, or meds, or anything. YIKES! Why cant my body JUST WORK. I am praying to God that this diet change is what I need. I feel so guilty that I have to go through all this money to get pregnant. I wish it would work the "natural" way. Im going to check with our insurance company to see if they will cover even part of the appointment...but I doubt it. But then again they did cover most of our ultrasounds and bloodwork through my maybe just maybe I can have a little glimmer of hope that it will be ok. Miles is convinced I will get pregnant with this diet change...I pray to God he is right.

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