Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hannah's Hope

Well, for my anniversary my husband took me to a castle in Colorado Springs. It was breathtaking. I LOVED IT! It was managed by a Christian group called the Navigators. On site there was a Christian bookstore, so for my anniversary present I got to pick out books from there(I was VERY excited :D ) I looked at every book in that place, and then I found the one I knew I HAD to have. Its called "Hannah's Hope". Its a book to help those going through infertility, miscarriages, or failed adoptions. I cant wait to read it. It is JUST what I need, as we have been trying to get pregnant for almost a year and having had only two chances in that whole year its been so hard to deal with. I was on Clomid (an infertility drug) for two cycles and didnt respond as well as the doctors had hoped. So for right now we are on a break from all that. I am about to hire a nutritionist and hoping to lose some of the weight I gained last year. I was on birth control for a whopping 5 months and it caused me to gain 50lbs from January to October. The past year has been very trying on my health. I have been tested for diabetes, insulin resistance, pcos, and celiacs disease. Its crazy how many times I have been stuck with a stupid needle!! Anyways, I am thinking of starting an infertility support group!! I am going to talk to my church and see what options I would have there and then see what happens.

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